Self-Employment for Job Seekers

Do you dream of being your own boss? Our self-employment program provides financial assistance and entrepreneurial support to eligible individuals while you develop and build your business! Self-Employment Services include support with Business Plan Development, Entrepreneurial Workshops, Coaching and Mentoring and Business Launch and Implementation. To be considered for Self-Employment Services, your business must be: 

a) A new business; or
b) An existing business in which the eligible participant had no prior ownership; and
c) A business that will not result in putting another individual out of business 

Approval for participation is based on an eligible Client’s business concept which is assessed for its viability and impact on the community, as well as an assessment of the individual’s aptitude, skills and sufficient product or service knowledge and experience related to their business concept. Eligibility requirements are in place, visit our centre to learn if you may be eligible for Self-Employment Services.

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